Motivational Letter (lagi) for the Short Course

E-Services and Delivery in the Digital Era

Nama Diklat : OECD Global Mission To Indonesia

Tempat : Turki

Electronic services enable faster, cheaper, more tailored services to be developed and delivered to customers, both meeting and driving their expectations. These expectations extend to all Government services, including tax administration. Revenue bodies have made good progress in the development, delivery and exploitation of electronic services in the past few years. But is it enough? Are these services cost-effective and is take-up adequate to enable an optimised return on investment? Where are the best case studies? What are the challenges, and how have other revenue bodies responded to these? Where are the next frontiers in electronic service delivery? And what are the risks? This event focuses on the provision of e-services for delivering services to taxpayers as by provision to tax system information via the Internet, electronica filing of tax returns, electronic tax payments, pre-filing strategies in taxpayer service delivery, use of email in taxpayer service delivery, Services providing on-line (incl. real-time) access for taxpayers and their representatives to personal taxpayer information, strategies for promoting use of eservices, among others.


Reason to apply:



I am applying the short course about E-Services and Delivery in the Digital Era, in which I am very interested because it is relevance to my professional goals. I already have some knowledge on the main theme of the short course as I am an postgraduate from Magister Management of Universitas Indonesia where I had studies about the Information Technology and Business Communication.

I know that Indonesia is one of the biggest online markets worldwide, with over 93 million internet users in 2015 and projected to grow to 123 million in 2018. As public interest in the internet and E-Services continues to grow, there is an increasing expectation that they will be utilized in tax administration. Nowadays, filling tax report with pencil and paper is an outdated. Doing tax report with online system ( is more preferable, not only easier, but also safer than filling them manually. Shifting from manual filling to online system of course have some challenges and risks, and the short course give me opportunity to study about that challenges and risks.

Therefore I would highy appreciate to be given an opportunity to attend the short course. I start for applying the short course since the beginning of the year. By the plan I accomplished the TOEFL test in 9th January 2016 with score 557. I would like to say that I am eager to gain new experiences and improve my skills, thank you so much for considering my application.

Yours faithfully,


Rina Muasaroh



Disuruhnya maximum 500 kata, jadi tulisannya gak panjang-panjang.. 🙂


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