stupid mistakes

How to stop making stupid mistakes yaaa? Huhuhuuu.. :cry :cry :cry
Stupid mistakes is my fatal problems.. That work over and over again..
I often times make silly mistakes to some person..
Sometimes its really make me frustating and i’m feeling like a loser..
I don’t wanna make it as my ‘good laugh’
And as quick as i could, i wanna forget it.. And better i became an amnesia. 😦

Maybe i’m just too perfectsionist, who chase for perfectionism in life, which have a deep fear of being wrong, thats why sometimes i have an eating disorders.

i dont know whether “stupid mistakes’ is a some one’s destiny or not.. but, whatever it is, i dont regret this life that i choose for me… although sometimes i always want to run from bad things that ever happened to me.. but, i dont want to curse my life..
and life is always change.. bad into good.. fainnama’al ‘usri yusro.. being positive all the time..  learn to accept mistakes, shortcomings, and unwanted events as opportunities for learning and personal growth.. and fortunatelly, i have many of supportive friends to overcome such situation. hiihih…

There is no harm in making mistakes, it is an essential part of going forward. Mistakes are meant to learn from, not to regret.. respect yourself, forgive yourself.. sun will shine tomorrow, life will go on, grow stronger and wiser in the process..

and too bad to stay.. so,  it’ll better if i’m walking away..

The more you make a mistake, the more you get self improvement and better oulook in life. So, its better for me to set realistic goals and accept failure without losing my sense of self or my confidence. I believe, God doesnt bless mediocrity, He blesses excellence.

live your life


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